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法國 Augier 薰衣草極細結晶蜂蜜

法國 Augier 薰衣草極細結晶蜂蜜



香氣清爽、乳白色澤柔滑細嫩,榮獲普羅旺斯法定產區IGP認證及法國優良食品Label Rouge(紅標)認證。





不同於一般市面上砂糖般口感的結晶蜜,Augier 的獨特之處在於靜置於攝氏14度C的環境長達6-18個月,讓結晶過程可完整進行。隨後再放置在蜂巢溫度(35° to 38°C),然後再次過濾與裝瓶,最後再於14度的環境放置數周後才進行出貨與銷售。此過程雖然緩慢,但能達到最細緻的口感,使普羅旺斯薰衣草蜂蜜變成如奶油般的絲滑口感。


After harvesting the honey at the apiary, the honey is mature a first time and filtered. Then our expert makes its selection. Then we keep it in our facility at controlled temperature at 14 degrees C for 6 to 18 month. This allows the crystallisation to be full. Once we are sure of the very fine quality of the crystallisation, the honey is put back at the beehive temperature (35° to 38°C) in order to be filtered again and skimmed. Then it is poured into the jars before being stored again for a couple of weeks at 14°C.

  • 成份

    100% 天然普羅旺斯薰衣草蜜

  • 容量


  • 產地/生產商

    Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France (法國)

    Augier & Fils

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